“The two most-read books on┬áBlacktail deer ever written. Over 22,000 copies sold!”

Blacktail Trophy Tactics II

Blacktail Trophy Tactics II

Blacktail Trophy Tactics II presents a comprehensive analysis of Blacktail deer habits, describing a deer’s and man’s use of scents, scouting tactics, still hunting and tree stand techniques and other information vital to the consistent taking of the Blacktail deer.

The material contained in this book is compiled from Boyd’s 40 years of hunting experience. It is built upon his original book, but is expanded to a larger format, with many revised chapters, and several all new sections. Well illustrated with quality photos, the text presents a practical nuts-and-bolts analysis of the techniques required to consistently take trophy bucks.

Though this book is dedicated to the Blacktail deer, the chapters on Scouting, Tree Stand Techniques, The Use and Misuse of Scents, Still Hunting Techniques, Successful Tactics for Tracking Wounded Game, How Unnatural Sound Affects Game, A Bucks’ use of prevailing wind and Shooting and Ballistic information are applicable to all species of big game animals. It is written in a manner which will benefit the novice as well as the experienced woodsman or woman. Rifle hunters aren’t the only ones who will benefit from a careful reading. Bow hunters and wildlife photographers can use these same proven techniques to get up close and personal with big bucks.

This book will make you think, and in some cases rethink your ideas on hunting tactics. An excellent reference manual for every serious hunter. After your successful hunt, Boyd’s tips and techniques will help you get a perfect mount of your prized rack. For the record, you will learn how to score a rack for Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young or Safari Club International.