Coming Soon
A new Trail Camera technique and photo DVD by Boyd Iverson, which will cover the Science/Art of Trail Camera Analysis.

You’ll learn the details of camera set up, how to analyze what you see and what trail timer photos teach you about animal behavior, hundreds of natural close up photos of blacktail deer and predators, choosen from thousands of trail timer photos taken over the past 5 years.   It will include never-before documented photos of numerous blacktail rub sequences and various rutting activities.

The DVD will also analyze and detail what you can learn from the trail timer photos and how you can apply them to your hunting and or wildlife viewing interests. Using strategies and information from Boyd’s book Blacktail Trophy Tactics II, it will apply them to camera set up and analysis.

Other highlights: Interesting photo documentation of antler changes of specific bucks for a 5 year time span, 100′s of buck photos, numberous predator photos, funny or unusual photos and beautiful doe and fawn interaction photos.

Want to be notified when the DVD is available? Email Boyd at with DVD in the subject line.